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60 days of keynote Kung-Fu

29 Jul 2010

This post is ancient history. My apologies for any dead links or broken images.

The last 60 days have been a dream. I launched Keynote Kung-Fu with hopes of selling a few copies of my toolkit. I fully expected the splash that it made at the Big Design 2010 conference to come and go.

But it didn’t.

I’m humbled by the support from my peers and the recognition from the community’s most well known designers. Your influence has made this product a success.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 just hit the servers this morning. It’s chock full of iOS, iPad, and iPhone interface elements. All of the new elements are meticulously recreated in “native” Keynote.

You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to upgrade if you’ve already purchased.


I’m very happy to announce a partnership with Konigi. Konigi is a wonderful resource for design & IA tools targeted at UX professionals like you and me. Keynote Kung-Fu will be among very good company.