2011 In Photos

See also: 2009 2010 It sounds trite, but 2011 seemed to have flown by. Every year life seems to move a little faster than the year before. At first glance, my photography seemed to have taken a back seat this … Continue reading

One Year In The Life of a Modern-Day Caveman

Last September I weighed 198 pounds, had a BMI of 30 (obese), 25+% body fat, pre-hypertension, digestion problems, acne, and borderline high cholesterol. Chasing after my two girls was followed by a half-hour recovery period and a shower. Continue reading


I sold my beloved 17” MacBook Pro today. She was a gem—beautiful matte screen, smoking fast Intel X25 SSD, and a second hard drive in the optical bay. The man who bought it will no doubt love it as much … Continue reading

2010 In Photos

In short, 2010 was an amazing year filled with friends, family, and success (both professional and personal). My family grew to four, Improving has never been stronger, and I created an extremely profitable source of revenue by selling my design … Continue reading

60 days of Keynote Kung-Fu

The last 60 days have been a dream. I launched Keynote Kung-Fu with hopes of selling a few copies of my toolkit. I fully expected the splash that it made at the Big Design 2010 conference to come and go. Continue reading

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