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  1. Tyler Howarth said:

    Travis, I purchased keynote kung fu about a year ago, and my download link for version 2.3 doesnt work. Could you send me another one?

  2. Jens Hausherr said:

    Hi Travis,
    I seem to have lost the original mail somehow. Could you please resend the link for downloading KKF?

  3. Jaakko Knuutila said:

    Hi Travis

    I’ve lost the original download link could you send me the link.

  4. Fabian Socarras said:

    Hi Travis, I purchased Keynote Kung Fu through the Fusion Ads holiday bundle, and it’s no longer letting me download Keynote Kung Fu. Can you send me a link to re-download?

  5. Tiziano said:

    Hi Travis, I purchased keynote wireframe toolkit 2.2, but I didn’t receive any email with the link to download version 2.3. Could you send me another one? Thanks.

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