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I sold my beloved 17” MacBook Pro today. She was a gem—beautiful matte screen, smoking fast Intel X25 SSD, and a second hard drive in the optical bay. The man who bought it will no doubt love it as much … Continue reading

60 days of Keynote Kung-Fu

The last 60 days have been a dream. I launched Keynote Kung-Fu with hopes of selling a few copies of my toolkit. I fully expected the splash that it made at the Big Design 2010 conference to come and go. Continue reading

Introducing Trailhead

Welcome to an experiment. My compadre Steve Brewer and I have a long record of designing and building cool things…for other people. So, three weeks ago we said goodnight to our nights and weekends and started building. Trailhead is a … Continue reading

Have your cake and eat it too

I don’t need all the functionality provide by Visual Studio and other Microsoft developer tools. So why deal with all the overhead (and remembering to alt-tab instead of cmd-tab)? Continue reading Outtakes

After weeks of late nights sitting at my computer in the dark, the new finally launched. I have to admit – I was (and am) extremely nervous to touch Blinksale. Josh & the Alamo Fire crew have such a distinct and recognizable style to everything that they touch. Who am I to try to follow their brand of design and style? Continue reading

RadioTime Web Tuner Redesign

Last month I had the pleasure of helping out my former colleagues at RadioTime take another pass at the RadioTime Web Tuner. The endpoint for a successful RadioTime experience is the web tuner. If all goes well and you find … Continue reading

InfoPogo: Scratching the surface

A few weeks ago I was contracted by the guys at to give their prototype some design love. If you haven’t seen it yet, InfoPogo is a research tool that searches census, demographic, housing, crime, and a whole bunch of other public data (don’t let me trivialize it, it’s much more than that) by US regions.

The InfoPogo guys have big plans for the application, including making improvements on the other planes of User Experience, but for now, a bit of improvements on the surface would go along way.
Continue reading

Get some Viewzi

If you asked me six months ago what I thought was wrong with search and how could it be improved, I probably would have given you a blank stare.

That was until I met Brandon and the gang at Viewzi. It only took one demo to convince me that they were on to something really special. So, I left my comfy corporate gig in December and joined the team. Continue reading

Becoming A Design Vigilante

At this year’s SXSW, Jason and Rob led a great panel on finding and maintaining inspiration in everyday life. Citing Kevin Cornell, they suggested becoming a design vigilante. “If you love design, take it back!” This idea really resonated with … Continue reading

Moving on…

I suppose it’s the end of an era. Last month I made the difficult decision to leave my position as lead (and only) designer at RadioTime. Despite the building momentum at CES and opportunities to work with companies like Cisco … Continue reading