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In Defense of Single Serving Applications

Venture Beat blogger MG Siegler’s recent criticism of “Single-serving” iPhone applications got me thinking – is this really bad (or confusing) for consumers? In the article, he specifically points to the restaurant finder applications by “IntelligentMobiles”. If you aren’t familiar, … Continue reading

Twitter: Something between private and public

One of my favorite features on Flickr is the ability to set privacy options on each photo. This allows me to keep my photos public, but restrict personal family photos to just friends and family. Twitter on the other hand, you only have two options: either all of your tweets are public for the world, or only your friends can see them. Continue reading

Dear iPhone developers, dig deeper.

Today is iPhone 2.0 day and I’m disappointed in how few application that really take advantage of the iPhone’s revolutionary platform. In fact, a good chunk of applications are just websites (not iPhone websites, desktop websites) dumped into a local applications or apps using the stock interface builder widgets. Where is the imagination? Continue reading

Get some Viewzi

If you asked me six months ago what I thought was wrong with search and how could it be improved, I probably would have given you a blank stare.

That was until I met Brandon and the gang at Viewzi. It only took one demo to convince me that they were on to something really special. So, I left my comfy corporate gig in December and joined the team. Continue reading