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Keynote Kung-Fu coming to the Big Design Conference

I’ll speaking at this year’s Big(D) conference about how iWork’s Keynote is an indispensable design tool in my process: Keynote Kung-Fu: How Ninjas Wireframe Keynote is a cheap, friction-free tool to create elegant wireframes in a  format that’s perfect for … Continue reading

Design Thinking 2007

I had an amazing experience at Design Thinking last night. I really want to thank Stephen and Paula Thornton for inviting me to present.

As usual, Stephen’s presentation on ‘Hidden Entrance” was amazing, provocative, and eye opening. I’m hoping he’ll post the slides. It was also great to catch up with all of the familiar faces, it’s amazing how small the DFW Design community is after only a few years of living in the area.

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An introduction to Microformats

Rather than take the common approach and show slide after slide of source code (boring), I spent more time up front identifying the problem that Microformats solve. Microformats generally speaking are really simple, so I thought it was more important to understand the problem.

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