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2011 In Photos

See also: 2009 2010 It sounds trite, but 2011 seemed to have flown by. Every year life seems to move a little faster than the year before. At first glance, my photography seemed to have taken a back seat this … Continue reading

2010 In Photos

In short, 2010 was an amazing year filled with friends, family, and success (both professional and personal). My family grew to four, Improving has never been stronger, and I created an extremely profitable source of revenue by selling my design … Continue reading

2009 in photos

I’ve assembled some of my favorites for you to tell the story of a year filled with ups and downs (but, mostly ups). Please enjoy. Continue reading

Canon 5D Mark II: After the Honeymoon

I’ve already clicked away nearly 5,000 photos (4,525 as of this post) with my Canon 5D Mark II (5D MKII) since June. Is the honeymoon between the 5D MKII and this amateur photographer (okay, serious hobbyist) over? Read on. Continue reading

The Isaacs Family Christmas Card

When planning our family Christmas card this year, my wife and I discuss the option of hiring a professional photographer to take photos of our daughter. However, we thought it would be much more fun and rewarding to do it ourselves. Continue reading