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Blogs Are the New PowerPoint

I’ve noticed more and more lately that the latest blogging trend is to distill what might be a coherent, thoughtful idea or story into round-up style top 10 lists.

So what’s the deal? Do bloggers think we’re too stupid to read something longer than an executive summary? Maybe, but my bet is on getting traffic by way of SEO or link baiting or making the front page of Digg. But most importantly, it’s about putting something in your RSS reader.
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The (almost) perfect Mac backup solution

Sorry Windows folks, Mac only. I really like, no, love Leopard’s Time Machine backup feature. It’s transparency is perfect for me. I plugged in my drive, turned on Time Machine, and forgot about it. A few weeks ago I launched … Continue reading

My ‘Bookstack’

I’ve been tagged by Stephen… Unfortunately, my “BookStack” is pretty short right now. Between preparing presentations, freelance work, and major life events, my free time doesn’t come cheap. Top to bottom: The Kite Runner, Beyond Bullet Points, The Elements of … Continue reading

On Domain Name Scammers.

I’m trying to sell “” to raise some extra cash. I’ve owned it for about five years, but haven’t actively used it for the last two. My friend Steve commented on how cool the domain was. That sparked my curiosity … Continue reading

The holy trinity of project management

While I don’t generally do more than one freelance project at a time, that doesn’t mean that I don’t need a little help keeping on top of things. I’m working a small freelance site for a sales rep that is … Continue reading