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Designing for Use: Customer Lookup

I’m working on a Point-of-Sale like project for a retailer that needed a simple form to qualify a customer at the beginning of an order. It is often helpful for the service associate to review a customer’s past order history and allows them to skip the step of capturing contact info all over again. Continue reading

Twitter: Something between private and public

One of my favorite features on Flickr is the ability to set privacy options on each photo. This allows me to keep my photos public, but restrict personal family photos to just friends and family. Twitter on the other hand, you only have two options: either all of your tweets are public for the world, or only your friends can see them. Continue reading

Job chooser made complex (the details)

UPDATED November 17, 2007: This is a modified and reposted version of an entry made back in September. I removed where I found this at the owner’s request. To the untrained eye this set of select boxes may look harmless, … Continue reading

Leopard text effects

Veerle posted a great tutorial on how to recreate Leopard’s “inset” text effect in Photoshop and Illustrator. I wanted to offer up alternative way to recreate it in Photshop. Like Veerle’s method, I use layer styles, however instead of using … Continue reading