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One Year In The Life of a Modern-Day Caveman

Last September I weighed 198 pounds, had a BMI of 30 (obese), 25+% body fat, pre-hypertension, digestion problems, acne, and borderline high cholesterol. Chasing after my two girls was followed by a half-hour recovery period and a shower. Continue reading

Watch your language

Last night I ordered some family Christmas cards from an unnamed photography products company that starts with a K. At the end of the process you specify how many cards you want to order. Without thinking, I entered 60 because we wanted 60 cards. Prepare for sticker shock – $419.40. Continue reading

Follow Up: Editing Pages in WordPress 2.7

Last week I noted that editing pages – specifically changing a page’s sort order, parent, and template – are particularly cumbersome in the current 2.6x release. I suggested the simple alternative would be to simply expose these common functions on the page manager itself, as well as offer drag-and-drop page re-order to set the page sort order. Continue reading

Managing Pages in WordPress: A Wish List

I’m a big fan of WordPress. Sure it has it’s quirks, and no doubt there are probably better platforms out there, but overall it’s really a fantastic a publishing platform. Lately I’ve used WordPress for nearly every freelance site I launch, no matter how small. Out of the box I get clean urls, search functionality, a fairly flexible templating system, and an enormous community of developers behind it. Continue reading

Improving on Infinite Scrolling

I’ve been thinking a lot about infinite scrolling lately. We’re cooking up some interesting stuff and Viewzi and are considering implementing this behavior in a few very specific scenarios.

What is infinite scrolling? Instead of breaking content into ‘pages’, as a user nears (or scrolls to) the end of a set of content or results, more content is seamlessly loaded behind it creating one long continuous page. Humanized likes this approach because the concept of “pages” really has no semantic meaning to a person. Those numbers at the bottom of the page don’t really mean much. Second, and perhaps most important, by scrolling to the bottom of a “page” the user is essentially telling the system that they are ready for more content. Why should they have to ask for it? Continue reading