Call me Uncle Handsom

By day Travis is the Director of User Experience for Dallas, TX–based Improving Enterprises. By night he makes cool things like Keynote Kung-Fu and Trailhead.

Previously, Travis led design for Viewzi and RadioTime and spent some time pleasing the corporate overlords and wearing slacks at Sabre Travel Network & Travelocity.com.

In his personal life, Travis is a devoted father and husband, cyclist, and avid photographer.

    Semi-Interesting Truths About Travis

    • He writes with his left hand.
    • His artistic side comes from his Dad, who happens to be a fantastic tattoo artist.
    • He married his high school sweetheart Kristi, whom he tricked into dating him way back in 1997.
    • In 2008, two products that Travis designed made PC Mag’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites.
    • He once had donuts with Jared Fogle. They are both Indiana University alumni.
    • He was a drummer in a rock band in high school whose name appears on a plaque in a public library that the band helped fund.
    • He used the Internet™ for the first time at Erica Douglass’s house when he was a junior in high school.


    “I am officially spoiled as a developer and it's all Travis’ fault. Working with Travis has not only given me insight into what it means to develop user experiences but has shown me the power of having a developer and designer work together on projects. His attention to the smallest details of the UI seem to take the interface to that next level and he’s always looking to refine the experience for the user. The fact that he values speed of delivery and quality as much as the ultimate vision has made clients love him all the more. When I need a compelling user experience or have a tough interface to tackle, Travis is the guy I want working next to me. Oh, did I mention that he actually writes code too?? Yeah, he’s that bad ass...”
    Dave O'Hara—Principal, Improving Enterprises
    “Travis is an excellent UI/UX Designer. He has all the obvious skills you’d expect in a designer, but he also really likes to work with clients. He listens to what users are saying and can quickly generate as many options as necessary to exceed what the client is looking for. Not only has he mastered Keynote and HTML/CSS, he’s also one of the best JavaScript guys around. Oh, and he takes a mean picture with his new found photography hobby. Looking for someone who brings the whole visual package to your next project? Travis is your guy.”
    Derek Lane—Principal Consultant, Improving Enterprises
    “I don’t even know where to start with Travis. He’s one of those guys who I absolutely love working with because of all the great things he does and says. But, he’s also the guy I hate working with because he does stuff so well, and he's so smart, all I ever think is “why didn't I think of that?” Travis’ skills in design are superb. His attention to detail and his ability to smartly code and create what he designs makes him incredibly valuable. When I decide I want to take over design and rule the world, I will be calling Travis. He will be my work horse. I will run him into the ground and laugh while I do it, and me and my world–renowned design agency will look amazing and do great work.”
    Aaron Martin—Super Windy
    “Travis has the rare ability to create outstanding design under the pressure and constraints of a tight deadline. He also seems to be able to natively think in terms of layers that visualize and represent user interactions. Huge numbers of layers. Lastly, he demonstrates the maturity necessary to handle feedback and criticism that many designers wilt under. It was a fantastic experience to work with him.”
    Jay Horne—Vice President, Viewzi
    “Travis is the type of guy you want on your team. Why? He is a designer who truly understands the medium, a rare find indeed. Meaning, when he sets out to create something, he considers the solution holistically. He thinks two steps ahead—creating a smooth user experience, while also anticipating how it might be coded. Thus, working with Travis tends to yield beautiful and performant web applications.”
    Nathan Smith—Sonspring.com
    “There are very few people I consider awe inspiring. This reaction could be brought on by watching someone create something beautiful, produce something in record time or demonstrate a nearly mystical understanding of user need and behavior. While working at Viewzi, I watched day after day as Travis embodied all of these qualities as well as a host of others. His ability to be creative, day in and day out is nothing short of miraculous. Couple that with a willingness to share ideas and collaborate and you have a pretty unbeatable package…covered in tattoos.”
    Chris J. Davis—ChrisJDavis.org
    “Travis is one of a kind. He performed above and beyond our expectations on a consistent basis. He is a rare combination of business savvy, user advocacy, and design sensibility. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with him.”
    Brandon Cotter—CEO, DoubleWide Labs
    “Travis is easily the most multitalented designer I’ve ever worked with. Not only can he design great user experiences, he can build them out, too. His breadth of skills and understanding of technology let him to sit at both designers’ and developers’ tables.”
    Jared Christensen—Designer, DoubleWide Labs
    “Travis is a design ‘rock star’. Clean, semantic markup. Tight design comps. Brilliant interfaces. But in working with Travis, what’s most striking about him are not these obvious contributions, but rather the leadership skills he demonstrates. Whether it’s presenting a design solution or evangelizing user experience, Travis presents information in a way that is clear, compelling and persuasive. I’ve witnessed Travis turn poorly managed projects into notable success stories. He’s able to dig beyond the surface of a problem, determine the real needs and opportunities, and then frame all this in a powerful vision of how things could or should be. If you’re looking for someone who can own a project and deliver beyond your expectations, Travis is your man!’
    Stephen P. Anderson—Poetpainter.com
    “Travis has a gift for creative design, understanding users, and coding skills we’ve not been able to replace after 2 years. If you have a chance to get him on a project, then do so fast.’
    Bill Moore—CEO, RadioTime.com
    “I was instrumental in selecting Travis for hire at Travelocity and Travis proved me to have made the right decision. Travis is a very creative and knowledgeable designer. He is a team player and offers a great deal to any team and organization. Since the Travelocity time, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Travis as a peer at Sabre. Travis has always been a pleasure to work with and I will look forward to our next encounter!’
    Seda Sookias Maurer—Designer, Travelocity.com
    “Working with Travis is wonderful. He is full of energy, talent, and determination. He will contributes to the ideas, has the talent to turn ideas into reality, and the personality to make your people a team. Travis will always make a difference.’
    Steve Brewer—Sr. Director, Radiotime.com