2010 In Photos

In short, 2010 was an amazing year filled with friends, family, and success (both professional and personal). My family grew to four, Improving has never been stronger, and I created an extremely profitable source of revenue by selling my design artifacts.

This Year’s Photos

In 2010 I snapped 8,439 photos (or, about 219GB) and posted 1,143 photos to flickr.


Lorry and Audrey sharing a laugh

Audrey and her Grandma Lorry share a laugh.

David and Camille

Newborn Camille and her Uncle David.

Sunrise from Improving

A stormy sunrise as seen from the Improving offices.

Uh oh!

Kristi and Audrey having some fun during an impromptu photo session in our bedroom.

My girls

Arms full of sugar and spice. My daughters—Audrey and Camille.


Do you ever wonder what newborns dream about?


Calm, as usual

Calm Camille.

That's my Audrey

When you tell a toddler not to blink, they blink.

And on his farm he had a…

Audrey's first snow day

February brought record-breaking snowfall to Texas. I was so excited for Audrey to experience it.

Ms. Camille

The fog is lifting on sleepy newborn Camille.


Snug as a bug in a rug.

There's something on my back

I can’t explain to you how special a father–daughter relationship is. I adore this little girl.

Kristi entertaining Camille

Kristi soothing a fussy Camille.


Easter Egg Hunt

Audrey having a great time at the petting zoo during a windy Easter egg hunt at Nash Farms in Grapevine.


Giggity. That is all.

Completely necessary.

How I get work done.

Nicole Atkins @ Austin City Limits

My friends and I attended a live taping of Austin City Limits. It was a magical, moving night while we watched Nicole Atkins perform live.

Does that thing do video? Drinks may have been involved.

Shaun Inman was kind enough to let us preview Mimeo and the Kleptus King

Sean Inman, live.


Jeremy under the neon lights of 6th street.

IMG_8812 copy

Crazy Mad Scientist Guy from Frog Design.

The sweet girl at Amy's ice cream

The sweet girl at Amy’s Ice Cream.

The Kanye

Kanye Newsom.

Burin, picking out his kill

Burin at The Salt Lick.

The pit at Salt Lick

The pit at The Salt Lick.


On the move

Audrey on the move. I love how the high shutter speed froze her mid-stride.

IMG_9643 copy

Genuine Joy. I snapped this with a telephoto lens while Audrey splashed around in the fountain at the Grapevine Botanical Garden.


I think she’d choose coloring over eating.

Always curious

Curiosity, captured.


The only pieces left standing of Texas Stadium. Dustin, Steve, and I got up very, very early to watch it’s implosion.

Sharing a laugh

Audrey and Camille share a laugh. It’s been amazing to watch to them interact.



This is Tucker Brewer.


Ladies, get in line.


Geek is genetic.

Oh noes

Oh noes!.

I have a feeling that they are plotting something

Audrey and Camille plotting something.

Just your average every day neighborhood cow

Just your average, everyday neighborhood cow.

Bright eyes

Hello bright eyes.

Standing room only at my panel

Keynote Kung-Fu makes it’s debut to a packed house at Big Design 2010.


IMG_1173 copy

Tucker splashing into a cold pool on a sweltering Texas day.

Little Miss Sit Up

Steady Camille.

Home after a long day

Home for the Day.

Dad stealing a hug from Audrey

My Dad and Audrey having a snuggle.


My nephew Dakota.

She's definitely my kid

Did I mention that Geek is genetic?.

IMG_1299 copy

Camille and her aunt Jenny

Camille and her aunt Jenny.

IMG_1576 copy

Audrey the explorer.

Walking through the pasture

A very green pasture in rural Indiana.

IMG_1746 copy

Audrey, Xavier, and bubbles.

Hard labor

My Grandfather’s Ferguson tractor.


Mom, remembering

A surreal moment for my mother as we visited her childhood home in rural Indiana.

The garage

My grandparents garage. The smell and texture where exactly how I remembered them from my childhood.

The toolshed

The toolshed. I snuck in here a lot when I was young.

The Isaacs sisters

Sweet girls in front of sweet corn.

The happy couple

Thirty–One Years

It's gorgeous

iPhone 4.


IMG_2269 copy

“Cheese” seems appropriate here.

My personal favorite of the day

Allie Bea, all grown up.

Hold very, very still

Audrey holding very still while Kristi gave her a haircut.

Mommy did a good job

The reveal.

IMG_2478 copy

You may recognize these glasses.


IMG_2538 copy

A princess fit for a princess.

Kristi has gone Choctaw

Kristi during an Improving sponsored night at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma.


Camille has mastered the art of the photo bomb.

Dustin at work

Dustin and I have shared this design space since the summer. It’s been an absolute pleasure.


Audrey’s imagination never stops.

Those Isaacs girls

Big and little sis’.



She’s mostly harmless. But I wouldn’t cross her.

Not afraid of a little weather

Bring on the rain, I have Quattro.

Kelton watching the sea turtles

Kelton, captivated by the sea turtles.

Warp speed in Dustin’s WRX.

The golden boy

The Golden Boy.

So much to talk about in this photo.

A tiny caption isn’t enough space to describe the awesome happening in this photo. Linz and Dustin’s expressions are priceless.

Most excellent photo of Julee

I don’t have many photos of Julee Dyer, but this is my favorite.

The Maverick

They call him Maverick. Ladies.

IMG_3255 copy

Ride ‘em.


Lift Off

Up, up, and away!


Kristi and Camille on the obligatory hay ride at the pumpkin patch.

IMG_3460 copy

Camille, growing up in front of your eyes.

IMG_3448 copy

If I only had one photo of Audrey, it would be this one.


A princess in training.

IMG_9786 copy

Camille’s was a ladybug for her first Halloween.

Both girls in one place

The sisters.



Kristi and sweet Audrey share kiss.

My Darling Audrey, When you look back on this photo years from know, know that you were crying because your Disney Princess DVD had ended.

My Darling Audrey, When you look back on this photo years from know, know that you were crying because your Disney Princess DVD had ended.

Trusting Daddy

Trusting Daddy.

Mr. Morse


Susan Fojtasek

Susan in Vegas.

IMG_0055 copy

Las Vegas City Center.

IMG_0011 copy

Las Vegas City Center.

This will be the cover of Jacob's first album

This will be the cover of Jacob’s first album .

Improving UX

Improving UX.

Our chariot

Our ride for the day, a BMW 645i.

IMG_0331 copy

Your’s truly, taking in the scenery of beautiful Lake Meade.

IMG_0229 copy


Improving Enterprises

This is Improving.

So fresh, so clean

Jacob performing an amazing rendition of “So fresh, so clean.”.

Dudes, laughing

We were LOLing.

Somewhere in Kentucky

Somewhere in Kentucky we stopped at a rest stop for lunch.

Camille's first rest stop.

Camille stretching her legs.


Linz and Dustin helping Kristi and I celebrate our 30th birthdays.

Jeremy, Steve, and Alicia

Jeremy, Steve, and Alicia.

Jacob, sans beard

Fresh and clean, for real.

Strolling through Southlake to see the lights

Camille taking in the Christmas lights in Southlake Town Square.


Steve only has one speed, and it’s KILL.

Audrey and her hat

Audrey is ready to party.

Kristi and Linz

Kristi and Linz at the Improving Christmas party.

Her Highness.

Her Highness, Audrey.


As I watched Audrey brush her teeth before bed, I realized that she’s no longer a baby.

You almost miss it

Lighter than Air.

Not completely freaked out

Our first visit with Santa.

Fueled by cake

Cake-fueled bliss.




Ready to ride.

Cycling nerd

I’ve lost 30lbs and gained a new passion. This is the new me.


  1. Nana said:

    Beautiful ,beautiful Pics son. lots of memories made. I love them Texas babies. we are so proud of you and Kristi. Mom and Dad

  2. PaPaw and YaYa said:

    I cry, emotional me, as I realize too how quickly this year has gone. The girls continue to grow so fast, and you and Kristi continue to amaze me. Loving parents, both of you are always ever changing too, and getting better all the time. We love you, thanks so much for this “year in pictures.” Thanks even more for the memories we will forever treasure.

  3. Jacob said:

    A good year, indeed—glad I could be a part of it.

  4. Oscar Carlsson said:

    Absolutly Amazing Photos! :) My favorite was the one on your baby girl crying because the disney movie ended.

    I also want to say I’m a big fan of your work.

    //Oscar from Sweden