Introducing Trailhead

Welcome to an experiment.

My compadre Steve Brewer and I have a long record of designing and building cool things…for other people. So, three weeks ago we said goodnight to our nights and weekends and started building.

Trailhead is a product that we built to help designers, usability testers, and marketers understand how people use their site by gathering mouse movement and click data. It’s lightweight, simple, and deliberately barebones. There are other services that do this, but they are expensive and complicated, and in my mind, their subscription models don’t reflect the needs of the professionals that use them.

We made it really easy to make your test results accessible to the public. This is great for sharing your results with a team or for bragging rights. Here’s a heatmap of my site:

What’s next

There are still some rough edges in Trailhead, but nothing that would hold us back from launching. We’ll iterate quickly, listen to feedback, and probably make a few mistakes.

Special thanks

Steve and I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Mr. Nathan Smith for helping us test Trailhead on his baby, Thank you Nathan!

Keep in touch with Trailhead

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  • Trailhead on Twitter
  • Small Time Media


  1. David Sutoyo said:

    Congrats, it looks great! I assume you ran Trailhead on itself? ;)

  2. Travis Isaacs said:

    That would tear a hole in the Internet I think.

  3. David Brooks said:

    The app looks great, and the model is dead on. I’m looking forward to using it on an upcoming project or two.

  4. Jason Ricketts said:

    Looks like you guys could use an editor! I’m referring to the use of “there” instead of “their” in your copy. Good times.

  5. Derek Lane said:

    Happy spelunking guys! Can’t wait to see your success.

  6. Jennifer Graf said:

    sounds cool.. looks great! good luck! and btw, i don’t see an error in your use of “there” and “their”.. if you do hire an editor.. make sure he’s a good one! ; )