My ‘Bookstack’

I’ve been tagged by Stephen…

Unfortunately, my “BookStack” is pretty short right now. Between preparing presentations, freelance work, and major life events, my free time doesn’t come cheap.

My book stack

Top to bottom: The Kite Runner, Beyond Bullet Points, The Elements of Typographic Style, and Digital Photography Book.

I usually have a few books in queue. Sometimes I’ll tear through a book all at once, but often I’ll read a few chapters, put it down, then pick up another and start, and then circle back around. For example, I read the Bringhurst book cover to cover over the course of a week. Now I’m reading again more closely. In contrast, I’ve been picking at Kite Runner since I went to Seattle a few months ago.

My wife Kristi pokes at me for reading “manuals” instead of “stories.” As you can see, she’s on to something!