Speaking @ Refresh November 8th, 2007

Ready to unleash your content? On November 8th I’ll be presenting at Refresh Dallas on Microformats and the semantic web.

The future is bright for the semantic web. One problem- how do we get there? Bridging the gap between today’s web and the technology of tomorrow is simpler than you might think.

During this session Travis will discuss adding Microformats to you XHTML to unlock rich metadata and make your content truly portable.

Buzz words included: XFN, hCard, hCalendar, hAtom, RDF, POSH, and more.

My presentation is a bit different than other presentations on this topic, rather than get into the geeky code bits, I think its more important to focus on the problem that Microformats solve. Talk about the why and less about the how.

Interested? Join us at Sabre headquarters (3150 Sabre Drive, Southlake, TX 76092). Be sure to RSVP!


  1. SlashChick said:

    Wish you were here, I’d introduce you to Tantek. Bet you two would have a lot to talk about. Or did you already meet him?

  2. wedding-engagement-rings-jewelry said:

    Semantic web means actually nothing else than artificial intelligence. If we can understand the AI in human language, I guess, we can build reasoning algorithms and thus the framework for perfect semantic web systems.